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Our Mission : To Provide you with the most outstanding service Experience Ever or It;s Free.

Many time in our busy life, we forget about our home maintenance in especial when it come to do with cleaning. This is why Window cleaning is a task most home owner hate to do and many wouldn’t mind to do it but they don’t want to get on a ladder to clean their windows. Been on a ladder at 25 feet high from the ground is not funny also you are taking the risk of having an accident. Is that what you want? Don’t you agreed that it will be easier just hire a proffessional with the training, skills and experience to take over the risk. That’s when we coming handy.

What Do you Get When you hire Rodriguez Cleaning Service to Do Your Window Cleaning.

  • Rodriguez Cleaning Service is exclusively refer by Many Interior Designer and Realtors.
  • We follow OSHA Guideline and safety rules on ladder uses.
  • Hand and detail Window Cleaning Service
  • Our Cleaning System remove maximum soil of your windows.
  •  100% Money back guaratee.

Why sould you hire Rodriguez Cleaning Services.

When you hire Rodriguez CLeaning Services to assist you with your window cleaning needs, you will receive the most outstanding service experience ever or it’s Free. This is only offer we have for you. With each and every service we offer you will always get the best service you have experience. Our Local Window Cleaning Especialist are always on Time and most important with show up. We are fully insured and background checked.

We will give you a written quote at front with not hidden fees. When we are working at your home or business we will call you out several time to ensure your windows are looking the way you want them to look.

Do we guarantee our Work?

Of course we do. If by any chance you are not 100% satisfied, we will re-clean all your window and if we already left we will rush back to your place to ensure we fix the issues and if you are still unsatisfied with the service, we will refund you money.

When Was the last Time you got all those benefit from your window cleaning company?

For the best window cleaning services in Louisville call at 502-365-6779. Rodriguez Cleaning Services Will take care of you.